Each batch of cupcakes is lovingly made and decorated to order and can be personalised to make each                                                                                     cupcake unique!

                              Why not surprise a loved one with a fabulous gift-box of delicious cupcakes

                                                              (Minimum order of 4 per flavour)

                                                                     Prices start from £1.75  

Giant cupcakes start from £45 for a 25 serving giant cupcake

And from £80 for a 50 Serving HUGE jumbo giant cupcake

Suitable for any occasion

Available in Vanilla,Chocolate or Lemon sponge

Each cupcake has a chocolate covered base in either Milk or Dark chocolate or White chocolate 

Fondant covered,Chocolate finger or Plain bases are also available   

All cupcakes can be tailored to your colour schemes or decorative ideas

If you require a large amount of cupcakes/cupcake tower for an event such as a wedding, birthday, christening or any other special occasion please contact me for a quote

All cupcake gift boxes are beautifully presented and tied with ribbon. 

     18th Birthday giant cupcake £65                     Minnie Mouse giant cupcake 

                                                                                     with figure £55


Vanilla bean cupcake....Vanilla cupcake laced with vanilla beans & topped vanilla bean butter cream (various colours available) & finished with sprinkles £1.75 each


Chocolate cupcake....Chocolate cupcake with rich chocolate butter cream & sprinkles £1.75 

Terry's Chocolate orange cupcake....Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate orange ganache & topped with chocolate orange butter cream,topped with a Terry's chocolate orange segment & orange fondant flowers £1.85 each


Smartie chocolate cupcakes.... Chocolate flavoured cupcake filled with chocolate ganache & crushed smarties,topped with chocolate fudge butter cream & finished with smarties & flower decoration £1.85 each

Zesty lemon cupcake....Zingy moist lemon cupcake filled with lemon curd & topped with a lemon cream cheese frosting & pretty fondant yellow blossom flowers £1.85 each

Mint choc chip cupcake....Peppermint flavoured cupcake laced with chunky chocolate chips & topped with peppermint butter cream & choc chips £1.80 each

Caramel toffee popcorn cupcake....Vanilla cupcake filled with rich toffee sauce & topped with vanilla,caramel & toffee popcorn butter cream £1.85 each   

Death by chocolate cupcake....Rich chocolate cupcake,with chunky white & dark chocolate chips,filled with chocolate ganache & topped with rich chocolate frosting & a galaxy chocolate segment with white chocolate & milk chocolate chips & drizzled with chocolate sauce (for the serious chocoholic) £2 each

Black forest cupcake....Chocolate cupcake filled with a black cherry compote & topped with fresh whipped cream,shavings of dark chocolate & a fresh cherry £1.85

  Vanilla & caramel cupcake....Vanilla cupcake filled with rich caramel sauce & topped with vanilla butter cream & drizzled with caramel sauce £1.85 each  

Salted caramel cupcake....Vanilla cupcake filled with caramel sauce & with topped with salted caramel butter cream & drizzled with rich caramel sauce £1.85 each 

Banana & peanut butter cupcake....Moist banana cupcake topped with peanut butter frosting & chopped mixed nuts £1.80 each

Raspberry & white chocolate cupcake....Vanilla flavoured cupcake baked with fresh raspberries in the centre with white chocolate chunks & topped with a white chocolate butter cream & fresh raspberry £1.95 each

Strawberry cheesecake cupcake....Strawberry flavoured cupcake laced with fresh strawberries,filled with fresh strawberry sauce & topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting,digestive crumbs & a fresh whole strawberry £1.95 each 

Coffee & walnut cupcake....Coffee & walnut cupcake topped with a cream cheese frosting & topped with a half walnut decoration £1.85 each

Almond bakewell cupcake.... Almond flavoured cupcake filled with raspberry jam,topped with white icing & a glaced cherry £1.75 each   

Carrot cake cupcake.... Moist & delicious cupcake (My personal favourite) Carrots,sultanas & walnuts with a hint of cinnamon & nutmeg topped with a cream cheese frosting & a fondant carrot decoration £1.85 each

Apple crumble & custard cupcake.... A very tasty cupcake filled with sweet apple & a hint of cinnamon,topped with home made vanilla bean custard,delicious apple sauce & toasted oaty crumble £1.85 each

Rocky road cupcake.... Chocolate cupcake with chunks of chocolate & sticky marshmallow baked inside & topped with a rich milk chocolate butter cream,mini marshmallows,chocolate chips, digestive biscuits & finally drizzled with chocolate sauce (YUM) £2 each

Coconut & raspberry cupcake.... A delicious fluffy coconut cupcake filled with raspberry jam & topped with a fruity raspberry frosting,shredded coconut & a fresh raspberry £1.85 each


Bailey's cupcake....Chocolate cupcake filled with rich bailey's chocolate ganache & topped with bailey's butter cream & fondant flowers decoration £2.25 each

Rum & raisin cupcake....Vanilla cupcake filled with juicy dark rum soaked raisins & topped with rum fuelled butter cream & chocolate sprinkles £2.25 each

Jack Daniels & dark chocolate cupcake.... Chocolate cupcake drizzled with JD syrup & topped with a dark chocolate & JD ganache & dark & white chocolate chips £2.25 each

   Any particular flavour you want...just ask :)

                              Cupcake stands are available for hire starting from £15 per day

                              also a fully returnable deposit of £25 is required                                                                             

   Deposit will be returned once the cake stand is returned in the same new condition as when hired                                                   

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