Prices start from £20 for a 4" simple iced & decorated vanilla sponge cake 

 Choose a flavour & filling from

 Vanilla sponge filled with raspberry or strawberry jam & vanilla buttercream

Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate ganache & chocolate buttercream

Lemon sponge filled with raspberry jam & lemon curd buttercream

Vanilla sponge filled with strawberry jam & strawberry flavoured frosting

Chocolate fudge cake filled with a rich chocolate fudge buttercream

Caramel flavoured sponge cake filled with a butterscotch buttercream filling

Coffee cake filled with expresso flavoured buttercream

Coconut sponge filled with raspberry jam & coconut flavoured buttercream

Chocolate orange sponge filled chocolate orange ganache

Mint chocolate chip sponge cake filled with peppermint buttercream & chocolate ganache

Carrot cake filled orange or vanilla flavoured buttercream

For Caribbean rum fruit cake a minimum of 6 weeks notice is required

  Give your child a colourful surprise with a funky layered rainbow cake (perfect for children's parties)  

4" from £20 

5" from £25

6" from £30

7" from £35

8" from £45

9" from £55

10" from £65

12" from £85

14" from £120

 2D Peppa pig & George pig cakes from £60 each

 3D Hand carved Mclaren car cake from £80

Thomas & Friends Toby 8" cake £60 

                                            Number cakes start from £45 each 

Single number sweety cakes from £45

Vanilla sponge filled with raspberry or strawberry jam & white chocolate buttercream & covered with marshmallow & sweets

  2 Tiered Frozen cake from £65 

                           2 Tiered In The Night Garden cake 5" & 6" £85 

2 Tiered In The Night Garden cake 6" & 8" £120

                              2 Tiered 6" & 8" zebra print/spots cake £80 



                                                            Funky hand crafted cakes for that special occasion....Bournemouth 

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